Don Carson on Psalms

Don Carson gave 4 exceptional messages on the Psalms at the UCCF Staff Conference.  Don’s main goal in choosing these 4 Psalms was to demonstrate how the Psalms contribute major themes that help us put the storyline of the Bible together.   Psalm 1 examines the contrast between good and evil.  Psalm 2 examines the Davidic-Christologic typology. Psalm 40 is about God our deliverer, and in this message Carson is particularly helpful in demonstrating how the difficulty of translation needs to be considered in our hermeneutic.

Psalm 110 examines the Melchizedek priesthood which puts together the place of the law of the Levitical priesthood in relation to the new priesthood of Jesus Christ.  This message in particular is stellar, and is one of the best messages I’ve listened to this year.  If you’ve been fuzzy about the relationship of the Old Testament Law to the New Testament, this one is for you.

Psalm 1 mp3 >>>

Psalm 2 mp3 >>>

Psalm 40 mp3 >>>

Psalm 110 mp3 >>>

2 thoughts on “Don Carson on Psalms

  1. I wish so much good Carson MP3s wouldn’t keep coming available! I don’t have time to listen to all his stuff.

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