Al Mohler: The Pornification of Culture

Al Mohler addresses the growing problem of pornography in today’s culture.  This radio show was touched off by a recent statistic that  revealed 70% of porn website usage takes place during daily work hours.  Porn is a workplace phenomenon.  It is considered protected free speech, and public libraries are being forced to remove their filtering software so that pornography can be freely accessed in a public environment.  Mohler explains that the implications are unbelievable.  Looking also at genetic testing on fetuses to determine proclivities toward disease, we are entering an age where we do not have the moral apparatus to make wise decisions.

The implications reach every Christian home.  Whether you have sons or daughters, they are growing up in a porn culture.  Men are becoming addicted to porn, and women are married to them.  Given the statistics, we are surrounded by men who are addicted.  We cannot ignore this issue.  It’s a reality whether we like it or not, contends Mohler.

The Pornification of Culture >>>

3 thoughts on “Al Mohler: The Pornification of Culture

  1. “Pornification” is the right adjective to describe what is happening. Unfortunately, most Christians are not aware of the implications, though it is affecting their own families.

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

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