On Books with D. A. Carson

Mark Dever gives us a wonderful and mind-numbing interview with Don Carson on how he writes his books, followed by a discussion about the books Carson has written and plans to write.  I honestly don’t know what to say about this interview, except, if you are a pastor or serious student of God’s Word, this is a must. Of note, Carson carefully tap dances around Dever’s question about why he doesn’t like most systematic theology books, and which ones he does like.  If you are familiar with Carson’s book on New Testament Commentaries, you will know that Carson is very candid and blunt about which ones he likes and doesn’t and for what reasons.  Dever questions him about this because a great deal of the commentators listed are friends or colleagues of Carson.

I share Dever’s admiration for two particular books that Carson has written: Call to Spiritual Reformation and Exegetical Fallacies, the later of which every preacher should read.  In my opinion, it’s the Strunk & White Elements of Style for Biblical interpretation.

If you listen to this, keep a pencil and paper handy.

On Books with D. A. Carson >>>


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