Jonathan Park Creationist Radio Dramas

The Adventure Begins (Jonathan Park Radio Drama)

Have you heard of Jonathan Park?  If you haven’t you’re missing one of the best resources available for teaching kids science, apologetics, and the flaws of evolution.

I purchased the entire 6 volume set for my kids this Christmas.  We’ve loaned these out to friends and family, and in every case not only do the kids love them, both parents love them.  They are fast paced radio dramas about an evolutionist turned creationist whose entire family becomes involved in building a creation museum and interacts with the scientific communty.  It’s sort of a Nancy Drew meets Ken Hamm.

There is a Jonathan Park website that gives more information and has short excerpts of the radio dramas.  Check out this behind the scenes video.

I can’t give this a stronger recommendation.  The real beauty is that there are many difficult scientific concepts that are masterfully explained in a way that even your kids will understand. You will learn more about Creationism and defending it than you would in most conferences and seminars.  Sound far fetched?  Get the free download and listen to an entire story.  This is a fantastic tool that will equip you as well as entertain.  My kids are already on their second go around through Jonathan Park.

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2 thoughts on “Jonathan Park Creationist Radio Dramas

  1. I have listen to the first all the way to the sixth. they are great. Evan as an 12 year-old, they can get exciting at times. And my little bro. enjoys them too.

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