An Afternoon with Milton

The Andrew Fuller Center celebrated the quartercentenary of the birth of John Milton, the author of Paradise Lost, with a number of lectures and readings from Milton.  All the short sessions are contain on a single mp3 file.

Milton was a colorful figure.  He was sometimes scandalous, sometimes politically revolutionary, very often theologically confusing, but a master of the English language.  Paradise Lost was his crowning achievement, a masterful epic poem, and an affirmation of the Christian faith.

You will enjoy these lectures if you have a love for English literature and poetry, or an interest in John Milton.  If not, these will be a struggle to get through.  The readings, unfortunately, are not particularly inspiring — a difficulty not only of the delivery, but of the poetic language.

Why listen to this?  There’s some interesting history on the life of Milton, certainly an imperfect Christian figure, but Milton stepped out and took stands on issues rather than standing on sidelines, and he is an example of a creative Christian using his skills of the English language and storytelling to create timeless works.

An Afternoon with Milton mp3 >>>


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