Derek Thomas’ Ezekiel series uploaded

If you tried to access Derek Thomas’ Ezekiel series from the Most Memorable Audio of 2008, you would have found the audio missing. Independent Presbyterian Church is in the middle of revamping it’s website and re-uploading their audio.

I received a note today saying that Derek Thomas’ Spiritual Enrichment series on Ezekiel is now online. The links on this site have been updated, and you can access it from here:

Derek Thomas’ Series on Ezekiel >>>

4 thoughts on “Derek Thomas’ Ezekiel series uploaded

  1. You are being kind in saying the site is not too user friendly – The fact is, it’s downright awful!
    They should be embarrassed to host such a terrible mish-mash of audio files.
    It’s so bad I don’t even bother going there anymore.
    They need to read Matt Perman’s article about how to post audio on a ministry website, which can be found at the Desiring God website.

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