Iain Murray on the Puritans

Iain Murray recently gave an address which overviewed the Puritans and the place they hold in history.  If you’re not interested in Puritan history this is probably not going to be an enjoyable listen.  Murray assumes the listener will have some general understanding of the Puritans, of who they are and what books they wrote.  If you don’t, the names and book titles will begin to sound like meaningless noise.

One interesting note — Murray relates how the Puritan’s came to be known as the Puritans.  They set out to reform, or purify, the Church of England.  No news there.  Their motivation for church reform was due to the prevalent idea in those days that a strong country was made strong by a strong, unified church.  So under-riding their motivation to remain in the church of England was a desire to see a strong, unified national church.

Iain Murray on the Puritans at Unashamed Workman >>>


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