A Call for Authoritative Preaching

John MacArthur looks at Titus 2:15 as the call for the authoritative preaching of sound doctrine. Preachers are to speak and exhort not with limited authority, but all authoritative. The authority is not bound with the preacher, but bound with God’s Word as a commandment. And to preach without authority is to preach the commands of God in a tone that does not carry the obligation that Scripture intends.

MacArthur sees 3 aspects to authoritative preaching.

The content:  We are to preach what Scripture reveals as the Word of God and command people in how they are to respond to it.

The method: We are to speak it so that they will hear and understand, and exhort so that they will embrace the truth with a desire to appropriate.  This is accomplished by creating conviction, using all the means that are Biblical.

The extent: There is no one who is outside of the responsibility to respond to the Word of God. Let no one disregard you, or rather evade you or think around you.  Preachers must hold everyone to the truth so that none escape the authority of Scripture.

MacArthur then looks at forms of authority that pervade false doctrine, such as variations of personal authority, rational authority, or institutional authority.  One particular point was made that today there is a lot of authority swung that is based on analogies.  If a teacher or preacher can come up with a clever analogy to support his viewpoint, that often serves as authoritative even when it has nothing to do with the Word of God.  It’s authority by analogy.

“The Bible is the real preacher. And all the role of the man in the pulpit is to simply let the passage say it’s peace through him. For the preacher to reach the point where he no longer hinders or obstructs the text from speaking is harder than is sometimes realized.”

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