Jerry Bridges Interviewed by C. J. Mahaney

C. J. Mahaney interviews Jerry Bridges whom he calls one of his heroes. C. J. asks Jerry where the phrase ‘preach the Gospel to yourself’ came from, and they discuss the importance of the Gospel in daily life.

C. J. asks Jerry to list for him his most favorite books on the Gospel:

The Apostles Doctrine of the Atonement, but George Smeaton.  This book is so thorough, and has a strong emphasis on Jesus legal representation and the union we have with Christ that makes his death effective.

The Cross of Christ, by  John Stott.

The Atonement, by Leon Morris.

The Holy Spirit, by John Owen.

C. J. then lists books on the Gospel written by Bridges that he has a high regard for:

The Gospel for Real Life and The Discipline of Grace.

Be on the look out for a book by Jerry Bridges on humility, which he says very little is written about yet is the second most talked about Christian quality in the Bible.

At the very end (fortunately) C. J. falls into his habitual sports talk, so you can just cut out at that point without missing anything at the end.

Jerry Bridges Interview page >>>

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