Don’t Waste Your Ambition

Dave Harvey of Sovereign Grace Ministries, and author of the excellent marriage book When Sinners Say ‘I Do’, gave a message at Covenant Life Church on being ambitious for the glory of God.  This sermon is an outworking of his new book Wired for Glory: Ambition for What Matters Most.

Don’t Waste Your Ambition page >>>


One thought on “Don’t Waste Your Ambition

  1. Hey guys,

    Dave preaches this message and two others at our church (Covenant Fellowship Church) that people may be interested in if they’d like to hear him on this more. Sorry I don’t quite know how to post theme here (so whoever can edit this, feel free to edit to make this nicer). The link for them is:

    And the series is simply, “Wired for Glory” with both sermons, quotes, and application questions.

    Hope this helps!

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