Reflections of T4G 2008

Al Mohler’s radio program recently had Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever and C. J. Mahaney together to reflect on the April Together for the Gospel Conference.

The men reflect on the surprising elements about the conference, and then discuss the concerns they have over coming battles that the church must face — that primarily being to elevate again a high view of Scripture.  Lig observes that he believes every generation must re-engage this battle for the authority and integrity of Scripture so that they own it.  Even though Scripture was under attack in the 20th century, the new generation will have to go back and reapply the lessons learned there because things are being ‘fudged’, as Ligon put it.  Mohler also observes how the PCA and the SBTS both fought major defining battles over these issues.

They also consider how they are able to stand together for the gospel in spite of their differences.  The gospel unifies them, the implications of the gospel are what they differ on in part.

If you went to T4G you will definately want to hear this program.

Reflections of T4G page >>>


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