Together for the Gospel travel audio

For those of you going to the T4G conference this coming week, I have two recommendations for audio to travel by.

If you missed T4G ’06, you can purchase and download the mp3’s from Sovereign Grace here:

T4G ’06 at Sovereign Grace

Ministering hand in hand, in ‘interleaving fashion’ (as Don Carson put’s it) is the Gospel Coalition conference which met last year, and will meet on every odd year in April, as T4G meets every even year.  The Gospel Coalition messages were great, with sessions by Don Carson, Tim Keller, and Crawford Loritts. You can download them for free here:

The Gospel Coalition

I will be attending T4G this year with the pastor of my church, Andrew Brereton, and looking forward to it.  I won’t be early enough to attend the band of bloggers meeting, but I will be at the Canadian T4G group that Tim Challies is responsible for.  I hope to meet some of you in Louisville.


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