Don’t Waste Your Life, Spring Conference

One thing John Piper does very well is to take a text of Scripture and then fall humbly and brokenly under it, drawing out amazingly real and inescapable implications that will cause you to reflect upon your life in ways you had not considered.  This is one of those series that will challenge you beyond usual exhortation.  Piper draws us upward into the heavens and has us look at the wastefulness of our lethargic lives from above. 

The Spring Conference was held in San Luis Obisbo, and although the title is the same from his bestselling book ‘Don’t Waste Your Life,’ this material is all new.   In 5 sessions, Piper considers how we waste our lives in particular ways — ways you would not usually consider.  For instance, don’t waste being robbed; don’t waste your cancer; don’t waste how you spend your money; don’t waste your compassion; and it goes on.  Piper calls us to live in a wartime mentality and not a peacetime mentality.  This will determine if you are wasting your life or not.  Highly recommended.

DWYL Spring Conference page >>>

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