Text & Context: Resurgence 2008 Conference

If you are a pastor or leader, there are some messages at Text and Context you don’t want to miss.

Driscoll begins the conference and comes out swinging as he upholds the importance of preaching.  Jesus ministry was initiated and shaped by preaching, the apostles engaged in regular, often daily, preaching.  One very memorable incident he relates is how his Mars Hill congregation grew by 80 people recently after he preached on Propitiation — and he lauds the power of a ‘non-seeker-sensitive’ approach.

John Piper presented a message on How My Pastoral Ministry Shapes My Pulpit Ministry.  This will definitely make my top ten this year.  Phenomenal insight by Piper, as he speaks with clarity and conviction on how Scripture must frame everything.  And he bemoans how church leaders preach side issues and assume the foundational issues and core doctrines in a way that they don’t appear in the pulpits.  See more about this message on my post here.

Pipers other two messages are well worth your attention.  I may write fuller posts about them at a later date.  Mahaney, plus a host of other Acts 29 speakers delivered messages.  I did not listen to them all (as I’m trying to be more selective in my listening). 

The good think to note is that this conference is not about contextualizing the gospel to the culture.  My initial reaction to this conference before knowing anything about it was to expel a post-modern groan. I’m getting so sick of the term ‘post-modern’, and I think the primary culprits to keeping this over used word alive are Christians.  I’m also tiring of the word ‘context.’  Piper and Driscoll do a great job in trying to steer this weighty post-modern/context-oriented focus back to Scripture (bravo!).

Text & Context page >>>

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