The New Atheism: 4 lectures by Al Mohler

Al Mohler recently gave 4 incredible lectures on the face of the new atheism that we are seeing attack the Christian faith on a daily basis, and at a very popular and successful publishing level.  These were given at the W. H. Thomas Griffith Memorial Lectureship at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Mohler brings his vast, wealth of knowledge and his incredible mind to clearly present to us a the dangerous  nature of the new atheism, and the specific challenges we must be willing to embrace.

The lectures are on the Endgame of Secularism, the Assault on Theism, The Defense of Theism, and the Future of Christianity.

The New Atheism audio page >>> 

One thought on “The New Atheism: 4 lectures by Al Mohler

  1. I just listened to the first lecture in this series by Dr. Mohler.

    I was very impressed by the breath of his knowledge on the subject and secondly believe that every Christian should hear and understand his message.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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