The Faith by Hearing Best MP3’s of the Second half of 2007

Going through the many sermons I listened to since August, here is a list of the most memorable. One major, noteworthy series, must be mentioned, and that is J. I. Packer’s History of the English Puritans from Reformed Theological Seminary — which is a wealth of great information and sobering admonition.

1.) Ligon Duncan

Understanding the Times mp3>>>

How to Listen to a Bad Sermon mp3>>>

2.) Voddie Baucham
The Centrality of the Home mp3 >>>

3.) John Piper
Some Sweet Blessings of Masculine Christianity >>>

4.) Rick Gamanche
A Functional Doctrine of Sin mp3>>>

5.) D. A. Carson
4 messages
2006 Equipped to Serve >>>

6.) Gordon Wenhem
Praying the Psalms mp3 >>>

7.) David Michael
John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation >>>

8.) Wayne Grudem
The Doctrine of Atonement mp3 pt. 1 >>>

The Doctrine of Atonement mp3 pt. 2 >>>

9.) John Piper
Marriage: God’s Showcase of Covenant Keeping Grace >>>


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