Reading the Psalms Messianically, Ethically & Canonically

Gordon Wenham has taken a wonderful look at the Psalms in this series. We tend to view the Psalms as stand alone bits of poetry and prayer, but Wenham helps us to see the Psalms as something more as each plays a role in the larger context.

I recently learned from one of my client’s who is an orthodox Jew that they read the book of Psalms completely through each month, 12 times a year. Some of the more diehard Hasidics read the whole book each week, 52 times a year. The Psalms plays a major role in their lives.

Wenham reminds us that in the evangelical church the Psalms constituted the entire worship of singing. It was only in recent church history that hymns have taken their place. Overall we have lost the importance of the Psalms. We have lost the theological significance they have in providing instruction on ethics, and ignore their contribution in foretelling of the Messiah.

One note I found very interesting is that the Psalms no where speak of keeping the Sabbath.

Gordon Wenham delivered this series of messages atthe Jay B. Gay lectures at Southern Seminary last year.

Reading the Psalms Ethically mp3 >>>

Reading the Psalms Messianically mp3 >>>

Reading the Psalms Canonically mp3 >>>

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