Praying the Psalms

Gordon Wenham delivered an insightful message about praying the Psalms to Southern Seminary last year.  Wenham argues that the Psalms have guided the worship and prayers of Christians for most of church history until recently, and we desperately need to return to them.  Contrary to our happy worship services, the Psalms bring us back to reality that Christian’s are often troubled and in deep despair before God, sorrowful over their sins, and battered by the world.

Wenham explains how it appears that Christ and the apostles had memorized the Psalms, and we see clearly in Christ’s passion our Lord’s dependence upon the Psalms, singing and praying them during the last week of his life, and his last words were directly from the Psalms. Wenham also provides a context for the usefulness of the imprecatory psalms which call God to judge and deal severely with one’s enemies.

Praying the Psalms mp3 >>>


2 thoughts on “Praying the Psalms

  1. Is there a way to download the mp3 file so that I can listen to this on my iPod? It looks like we can only listen via the SBTS website.

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