The Faith by Hearing Best MP3’s of first half of 2007

The following 12 messages are ones I consider the most impactful, important messages that were delivered and posted on this blog in the first 6 months of 2007.  They are not in any specific order, other than the order in which added them to this post.  If you are overwhelmed by the amount of material posted on this site, this is a good post to start with.  I’ll try to do this more frequently so that those with less active iPods will be able to hit the highlights in a given timeframe.

John Piper
God is the Gospel
Resolved Conference 2007

Al Mohler
‘Christ Our Ransom’
Mohler gives us a comprehensive picture of the work of our Savior as God and as our great mediator.  He focuses on the logic of substitution.
2007 Ligonier Conference ‘Cross of Christ’

Al Mohler
‘Blessing or Curse’
Mohler looks at the big picture of God’s redeeming purpose.  He makes this very challenging statement: “We are living in a time when we find ‘attention’ a very, very rare stewardship. And we are particularly weakened and compromised in the evangelical church today because there is not adequate attention–slow, text driven, theologically enriched attention–to how we are to view the great doctrines of the faith. So, instead, what happens is, even in some of the most orthodox of our churches, what happens is you skip across texts of Scripture. And you take glance blows across doctrines, and it’s not so much that they are mistaught, but it’s that they are misapprehended.  Because lacking context, and lacking a systematic understanding, and lacking a comprehensive attentiveness to these things, we rob God of His glory in His church by treating doctrines as disconnected realities, and texts as isolated islands of meaning, rather than pointing to the comprehensive purpose of God laid out in the comprehensive unity of Scripture.”

Mark Dever
Discern Your Doctrine
2007 New Attitude Conference
Free mp3 at Sovereign Grace

John Piper
Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision;
Andrew Fuller’s Broadsides against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism and Global Unbelief’
Desiring God 2007 Conference for Pastors

William Mackenzie of Christian Focus Publications
Words for the World: Rejoicing in God’s Global Use of Christian Literature
Desiring God 2007 Conference for Pastors

Arturo Azurdia
Preaching…Must the Means Match the Message?
Master’s Seminary Spring Chapel message

John MacArthur
Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Pre-Millennialist
2007 Shepherds’ Conference
When I posted about this message by John MacArthur I recieved the most emails and comments, both pro and con, that I have for any other post.  Since the Shepherd’s Conference to this day, this post has recieved the most traffic.

John Piper
Lionhearted & Lamblike: The Christian Husband as Head, part 1, part 2
Bethlehem Baptist Church Sunday AM
Very important admonition for regaining Biblical manhood in the home.

John Piper
Radical Effects of the Resurrection 
Rez Week message at Texas A & M
Challenge to Christians to live lives of sacrificial service.

Mark Dever, Russ Moore, C.J Mahaney, Randy Stinson
Feminism in the Church & Home
A hard look at the deep invasion of feminism

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