Boice, ‘Developing a Christian Mind’ series

James Montgomery Boice, the late, great preacher, gave a series of 4 messages based on Romans 12: 1-2 at Believers Chapel in Dallas, Texas.  This is fundamental teaching that we need to hear again and again because it goes against the grain of the culture. Boice discusses how we are to battle relativism, and looks intently at how we are to think in a Christian, Biblical way. The 4 messages are:

Mind Renewal in a Mindless World
Developing a Christian Mind 1
Developing a Christian Mind 2
Your Place in History

 Developing a Christian Mind by James Montgomery Boice >>>

One thought on “Boice, ‘Developing a Christian Mind’ series

  1. I have been so stimulated by this series, particularly at a time when I feel very isolated in a rural setting in Australia facing the pastoral trauma of helping people think at a time when Australia is facing the worst drought in over 100 years. Thank God for men who can put the finger over the issue with humility and in truth.

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