D. A. Carson MP3’s: An extensive listing

Andy Naselli has compiled an extensive listing of MP3’s of D. A. Carson’s lectures and sermons. I nab everything I can find of Carson, so I will be profiling many of these as I listen to them. Thanks to Andy for compiling this list.

Andy Naselli’s Carson audio listing >>>

5 thoughts on “D. A. Carson MP3’s: An extensive listing

  1. i am very addicted to the word of God ,i need more of the word of God in my life to equip myself for the ministry, i wish to thank God for a man like you.

  2. Don Carson is clearly a world class theologian/exegete (although I think he has let himself down badly in swimming against his own contributors on the NPP).

    However I have yet to hear a really good sermon/talk by Don in which he does not dumb down but does his intellect justice. Can you kindly recommend a few?


  3. Richard, I would say his series on Jeremiah is the closest that I’ve heard, but I can’t say I’ve heard anything that matches the scholarly level that you find in some of his writing (like Justification and Variagated Nomism). I think that’s what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t call what Don does in most of his talks as “dumbing down.” I would call it good communication. I dare say there are precious few people alive who are on Don’s level.

    Not sure I know what you mean about swimming against his contributors.

  4. I was introduced to Don Carson’s sermons by one of the pastors at the church I attend. I have listened to dozens of his mp3 downloads, and my conclusion is that Don is one of the very best bible interpreters I have ever heard or read. He is a theological genius, and a deep thinker. I put him right up there with Ravi Zacharias and John MacArthur.

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