Dwight Pentecost on Premillennial Prophecy

In the ringing echo of John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ Conference message ‘Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Premillennialist’, I offer some thoughful MP3 sermons for further reflection (to get the MacArthur message you must register and select 2007 audio, Shepherds Conference General Session #1).

Dwight Pentecost has writtten a significant book on eschatology from the premillenial perspective, ‘Things to Come.‘ Pentecost preached a series of sermons called ‘The Week of Meetings’ about eschatology. Pentecost is a very articulate and knowledgable pre-millennialist and you will find these messages very informative.

Week Of Meetings-01 Next Event In The Prophetic Program
Week Of Meetings-02 Why Study Prophecy
Week Of Meetings-03 Will The Church Go Thru The Tribulation
Week Of Meetings-04 God’s Picture Of The Great Tribulation
Week Of Meetings-05 John Reviews The Great Tribulation
Week Of Meetings-06 The Old Roman Empire Coming To Life
Week Of Meetings-07 Armageddon-Who When Where
Week Of Meetings-08 Rome-Religion-And The Second Advent


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