Collections: Albert Martin

Al Martin is pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey.  He is an excellent preacher, and for a first taste I recommend his sermon ‘Warning to Professing Christians.’  Mentor has even published a book on Martin’s preaching called ‘My Heart for Thy Cause: Albert Martin’s Theology of Preaching’, written by Brian Borg.


Trinity Baptist Church>>>


5 thoughts on “Collections: Albert Martin

  1. I have heard dozens of sermons on election. The best by far, in my book, is Martin’s “Inviting sinners to Christ”. He is the best preacher I’ve ever heard, except for Charles Spurgeon. The speakers who do Spurgeon’s sermons do an excellent job, but in the case of Martin, we have not only the potion but the living passion. Now don’t get scared now; passion is also good.
    I know it’s not the Reformed thing to let a sermon hit you hard in the solar plexus, but now I have another solar to add to the other -hmmm, let me see, hos many? Solar scriptura, solar fide, help me out.

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